Wellstroke instructions


  1. Place the Motion Putting Guide WELLSTROKE on a flat section of the putting green to begin working on a straight putt

  2. Align the plate in the direction of the hole at a distance of 5 feet (1,50 meters) from the hole.

In order to check if Wellstroke is perfectly aimed, make sure the arrow key is pointing directly towards the centre of the hole.

When the alignment of the Wellstroke is correct, plant a tee into the hole provided for this purpose which is located at the rear of the plate. Then plant 2 tees into the two holes at the "door" locations n°3 that are above and below the line and the direction arrow.

Your Wellstroke is now properly set up and ready to be used.


Without a ball, aim the clubface of your putter straight at the starting point, i.e. parallel to the white line. Then, in order to get used to aiming correctly, loof several times at the direction arrow located on the ball and also located on the front part of the plate.


Take your adress position by placing the tip of your toes directly in front of the stance markers. Then you can plant two tees against the tip of your feet and two others in front of your markers in order to get back to the correct poisition after each putt. 

Grip and alignment

Take your grip and make sure that your shoulders are properly aligned, i.e. parallel to the line pf play. 


Make sure that your posture is engaged, the lower part of your body must be strong and in absolute balance.